A table by the "material" "quality" in the National Cheng Kung University

Watch material is now a brand of publicity gimmicks to reduce the weight of the watch to ease the burden on the wrist to prevent allergies, platinum, colored K gold, titanium, or high-tech ceramics "competing debut", the brand makes this scarce raw materials Tabulation, but has become quite valuable. A table by the "material" "quality" in the National Cheng Kung University Panerai 45 mm 8-day power reserve ceramic replica watches "Your greatest responsibility is to cast this piece of material into a device." - Ibsen. This sentence can be used in today's clock circles as: "Your biggest responsibility is to make this material table, and then sell the value." But in the "master gathered" in the watch industry, if you just want to rely on the material "casting into the device" wanted to attract attention and be recognized, is never possible. Only in the continuous improvement of skills, constantly refining the skills of today, the material innovation becomes more necessary and easy. Especially for Chinese consumers, in the choice of brand and function at the same time, "durable" is the key to consumer goods. The "durable" interpretation of the role of the best is the "material." Features and then complex, beautiful style and then can not fundamentally solve the "material" commitment to the task, so all kinds of "innovative materials" application of Health to replica watches uk help you reduce weight, help you avoid scratches, help you prevent allergies, plasma treatment Of high-tech ceramics to your watch a few years later is still "shiny as ever" and so on, when to rely on high-quality "high-quality" to show? Only in this "quality in the amplifier" brand battlefield, as consumers, you have the right to listen to some of the recommendations. Material special in: Yu-ship will be ceramic embossed, square drill cutting, polishing and other polishing process. As a result, even if all white, but also full of rich levels and sequence sense. As a perfect watchmaking material, ceramics are lighter than steel, scratch-resistant, anti-allergenic, strong and rust-proof. This is undoubtedly the most intimate care for the user's sake. Special materials in: Rolex ceramic ring is not only their own patents, but also inherited the 1965 classic style design. This patented ceramic word ring is more effective than the previous metal ring scratch, erosion, but also can remain in the long-term wear ceramic shine, not significant. The scale on the circle is coated with rose gold after the coating process, and unified with the case and easy to read the figures. Material inspiration: the wearer for a long time "update", the material will not have a sense of years, the word ring and the case color uniform, easy to rolex replica read time to keep ceramic gloss is the key. Special materials in: Ceramos new material, using high-tech ceramic materials and metal, it will also have a high-tech ceramic and metal two kinds of material advantages, like the same hard texture of ceramics, like metal can conduct heat. After the firing process, after a special surface hardening treatment of the case, bracelet hardness not only higher than the high-tech ceramics, its color also showed a unique sense of platinum light. Material inspiration: high-tech precision ceramics as a material, there are many unique features: soft, considerate, wearable, comfortable, and no allergic reactions.