Rolex classic five reasons behind the details of the brand analysis

Not because of some subjective reasons and misread the "Rolex", the brand regardless of history and culture or tabulation details, can be worthy of classic in the classic. Buy table who is most like to ask which is the highest recognition? Which to buy the most classic? Buy which can hedge against inflation? There are three so you can start with, only the Rolex. Five details tell you why it is so classic. Rolex classic five reasons behind the details of the brand analysis Hans Wilsdorf Rolex read the "ROLEX" five letters to develop the extraordinary Transcend July 2, 1908, Hans Wilsdorf (Hans Wilsdorf) in Switzerland, officially registered and registered "ROLEX" for the brand name, the company laid the foundation for the future direction of the cornerstone. Hans Wilsdorf had considered a number of options, until one day he made a decision by chance. On July 2, 1958, in the 50th anniversary of the brand's speech, he recalled: "I tasted all the letters combination, draw hundreds of names, but not one satisfies me one morning, I sat The top of the carriage, passing through Cheapside in London, seemed to hear an elf voice whisper in his ear: 'Rol ex'. "A few days later, the trademark" ROLEX "was officially in Switzerland Register and register. In the movement and the dial are pleasing to the eye replica watches classic five reasons behind the details of the brand analysis Hans Wilsdorf pick "Rolex" a very close to the modern thinking Hans Wilsdorf to protect the brand name, they have to face another challenge, is to persuade retailers in the watch only "ROLEX", rather than the retailer's own name. At that time, jewelers or watchmakers want to print their names on the surface, and do not show the name of the supplier or manufacturer. To this end, Hans Wilsdorf step by step, he said in his memoirs: "At first, I carefully in every six watches with one of the 'Rolex' words, expect the watch can be successfully added to the shelves And gradually, I dare to watch in each of two of the two named, and later three of them. "Rolex oyster waterproof watch in 1926 came out, Hans Wilsdorf solemnly decided From that day on, each watch dial, case and movement will be engraved on the brand "ROLEX" words, without exception. The strap on the new submariner-type extension system designed by the Rolex, developed and patented, not only easy to operate, and even wearing a 3 mm thick diving suit can still wear a watch. Look at the Rolex Glidelock buckle. Rolex GLIDELOCK buckle comfortable diving swiss replica watches Glidelock buckle is not only rugged precision and comfortable to wear Smooth adjustment With the deduction of the toothed plate, release the 12 o'clock position of the chain can quickly adjust the strap, and then slide the buckle to the required length. Upon completion of this neat action, the chain of the toothed plate will be clenched again, and then issued a clear click ". Rolex Glidelock buckle is not only sturdy precision, and comfortable to wear. The new oyster-type fuse buckle opening and closing device is very strong, in the diving to prevent accidental opening, so that the wearer no worries. Rolex GLIDELOCK buckle comfortable diving Although the Rolex Glidelock buckle operating principle is very simple, but this design has made two patents. The production process using a very complex technology to ensure that the device in a reliable, comfortable and aesthetic aspects, are in line with Rolex standards. For example, the toothed plate slides along the slide rail on the cover, in which the pulley in the buckle frame slides, requiring a special tool to complete. This clasp is attached to the watch and the wearer, and more often than other Rolex components. Each Rolex watch is the wearer's treasures, and this design than other models more emphasis on watch the safety and comfort. Oyster-type insurance deduction in line with the requirements of professional watches, and clever integration of rugged precision engineering technology, simple operation, smooth lines, and the most important is safe and reliable. A new generation of Oyster-type insurance deduction in the 2005 launch of the Greenwich II for the first time in the application, developed by the Rolex and patented device, representing the most advanced engineering technology, even in the towering mountains or the deepest ocean, etc. Dangerous environment, can let travelers and explorers to wear a watch, easy to use. This discount and insurance deduction with 904L steel, eternal rose gold or 18ct gold style and strap with a clever, and watch for the wrist to create a solid watch case to reconcile the visual effects. This unique design can be an example of replica watches engineering technology, the dual security system even in the worst case still can prevent the clasp accidentally loose. Oyster-type insurance buckle design is quite simple. Curved moderate cover close to the inside of the wrist, after assembly with buckle film, Rolex Glidelock buckle and Oyster discount extension system are hidden, and its hypotenuse design makes the appearance of solid simplicity is more prominent. To use its structure and function, just two simple actions can be. First of all, to finger or thumb gently lift the insurance deduction, we can see the buckle of the core, the patent fast installation bar. Then, with the fingertips at the edge of the press can pull the spring rod, delicate and elegant buckle will be released. By accurate calculation of the appropriate strength, so that the strap can be smooth opening and closing, and without any mechanical pressure applied. Have you ever wondered why the mechanical watch always "tick" sound? In fact, these sounds from the escapement, and this device on the precise timing of the movement played a key role. Escapement device worthy of tabulation process model, it is the result of micro-technology, the error between the components running only a few microns. Its complex and strict production process, the brand is rich in knowledge and the crystallization of superb technology. Read the key to the time of the Rolex escapement Escapement device on the movement of precision timing played a key role When the escapement fork pinch the escapement fork, it will issue a "drop" sound. Then, with the balance wheel swing, escapement fork to escape wheel "from" in situ. Escapement wheel will continue to rotate, and then "answer" is heard on the second escapement fork. Typical mechanical watches unique "drop", "answer" sound, every eighth minute will be sounded. The escapement fork is synchronized with the balance wheel's alternating motion and continues to oscillate. The oblique escapement gear vibrates 28,800 times per hour with 14,400 drops of "A" and "A". Rolex constant movement of the swing to make accurate and reliable timing performance. Features: Crown with screws fixed on the tube, as an integral part of the case. This is the first time in the history of Rolex watch to create a waterproof watch. Screwed into the chain crown and case screw-in bottom cover, is the core of Oyster-style watch. This extraordinary waterproof design patented in 1926, more Rolex watches renowned international, marking the beginning of the Rolex success story. Connect the two worlds Crown not only the case fully sealed, more able to operate the main function of the watch. Depending on the type of movement, the crown can be pulled out to two or three positions to adjust the time, date, week or second time zone display. The first position can be hand-wound for the watch on demand. On the chain crown to achieve a successful success of the waterproof crown This watch also uses the watch manufacturing knowledge and expertise outside Double buckle lock and three buckle lock crown Available in 1953, the double-lock mechanism ensures that the screw-in crown is completely waterproof, thanks to the two sealing areas in the tube and the crown. All Oyster watches equipped with this device are water resistant to 100 meters (330 feet). In the chain crown Rolex logo under two dots or a horizontal line, it means that the watch assembly of the double lock device. Accurate and rigorous production By nearly ten components on the chain crown, is a small technical masterpiece. As the case and strap, this watch also uses the watch manufacturing knowledge and expertise, and has the same accuracy and quality. On the chain crown only use the most superior material, aprons made of polymer, and mechanical and aesthetic components are used to the highest quality stainless steel and precious metals. Raw materials are formed by extrusion or embossing, and are then subjected to multiple machining and polishing before assembly of the various components.